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3 Reasons To Add Delivery Services During The Holiday Season

With just under three weeks left to go until Christmas, you can bet that the holiday shopping fever is about to get even hotter. Consumers all over Canada will be spending the next few weeks rushing to find gifts for their loved ones. In order to ensure that your place of business profits from the holiday shopping rush, it’s important that it offers a much-needed service: delivery.

Needless to say, COVID-19 has made it so that in-person shopping is less desirable. With an online shop that offers delivery, you stand to have a profitable end to the year. Here are three reasons to add delivery services during the holiday season:

1. It entices all types of shoppers.

Many holiday shoppers are savvy bargain hunters. They look for ways to buy as much as they can for as little as possible. By offering delivery services, you’ll appeal to those who recognize the savings in not having to drive directly to stores to make purchases. They’ll appreciate the time saved in having the ease of purchases sent to their front doors. Your delivery service will also help last minute shoppers to get what they need in the nick of time.

“Last-minute shoppers, impatient buyers, and busy people all want their products delivered quickly,” says Michael Krakaris on Sellbrite.com, “By offering fast shipping to all of your customers, you appeal to a wider range of shoppers rather than just the organized early birds.”

2. It will encourage a boost in sales.

In addition to discounts, holiday shoppers are hoping to find ways to get their purchases as soon as possible. With the holiday season quickly approaching, time is running out for people to get their hands on gifts they wish to give their loved ones. With your store offering delivery services, it will help shoppers to rest assure they’ll get what they want on time. Moreover, if you can save them money on shipping, your sales will likely see a significant boost.

“Free shipping can be a great way to encourage purchases,” writes Kathryn Marr on WooCommerce.com, “In fact, 93% of online shoppers are motivated to buy more products if free shipping is available. If you decide to offer a free standard shipping option, you may also want to provide priority shipping for an additional fee.”

3. It helps you to secure repeat business.

Generally, shoppers don’t forget their excellent experiences with the businesses they support. If your business is able to come through by delivering much-needed items in time for the holidays, it will encourage customers to come back for more, well into the future. Remember that excellent service often entices people to share their positive experiences on social media. Word of mouth promotion is priceless. Your delivery service can end up turning a lot of heads in the direction of your brand.

“Fast delivery prevents shoppers from missing out by ensuring items arrive in plenty of time to start their wrapping early,” notes Krakaris, “These factors all appeal to the subconscious’ need to avoid risk, avert loss, and receive instant gratification.”

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