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3 Reasons For Restaurateurs To Open A Food Truck

Summer is a very exciting time for the majority of Canadians. With less than two weeks to go until the official start of the season, people all over the country are preparing for poolside fun, family gatherings and good eats. As a restaurant owner, it’s the perfect time of year to consider bringing those good eats directly to your customers.

Have you ever considered opening up a food truck? Here are three reasons why you should:

1. It requires less than average operational costs.

Opening a food truck is an excellent way to expand your business. However, it’s not exactly like opening an entirely new location for your restaurant. Your food truck operates at reduced costs. According to Napanee, Ontario’s Venture Food Trucks, food trucks require low overhead and initial costs compared to opening another branch.

“Expanding to a new location and starting a location can be a dream for a restaurant owner wanting to grow their business, but it has its own problems and obstacles,” notes their website, “The main concern is committing to pay the fixed and variable costs, plus a huge initial investment. Whereas, with food trucks, the initial cost is much less and the fixed cost is depending on the operation of the truck.”

2. Your food truck doubles as a moving billboard.

In the signage community, vehicle wraps are known as the most cost-effective and eye-catching of all marketing solutions. Part of setting up a food truck is emblazoning it with your company logo and contact information. Not only will your food truck stand out when it is stationary, it will also attract eyes when it is on the road. Having a food truck helps you to promote your restaurant in any location you drive it to.

“Whether you’re extending an existing restaurant business or starting a new brand of your own, you can’t go wrong with a mobile food truck,” affirms Osceola, Indiana’s Prestige Food Trucks, “As you drive around from place to place, your truck will act as a moving billboard, advertising your company, and increasing brand awareness in your community.”

3. It allows you to reach more customers.

Quite obviously, when you operate a food truck, you’re able to bring food to your customers instead of expecting them to come to you. During the summer, there are countless festivals, tournaments, concerts and other outdoor events where you can make a lot of money. Setting up your food truck at these special happenings is a great way to boost revenue for your restaurant. A food truck allows you to be where the people are!

“The mobility of food trucks is giving the opportunity to the owner to reach more customers, resulting in direct interaction with a wider audience,” says Venture Food Trucks, “More people can know about your restaurant and your food truck, and people will spread the word!”

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