3 More Ways To Prepare Your Online Shop For The Holiday Rush

We’re only three days away from Halloween! And that means we’re only four days away from the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season. In our last blog, we offered up some great ways for retailers to set up their e-commerce stores for success. Our suggestions included launching an advertising campaign right away, updating your website and offering deals that outshine competitors.

Here are three more ways to prepare your online shop for the holiday rush:

1. Provide added value with each purchase.

Attracting online shoppers isn’t all about offering low prices. Sure, everyone loves saving money. But savvy shoppers also appreciate added value in the purchases they make. Can you bundle several items into one package? Does your product come with a warranty? Do you have a stress-free return policy? Providing extra perks with each purchase is a great way to gain interest from holiday shoppers.

“Pricing your products is more than just choosing prices you think people will pay, or ensuring you’re covering your costs,” says Jen Roney on GoDaddy.com, “There are pricing strategies that can help you sell more by: Bundling multiple items into a packaged price; offering a volume discount once customers hit a certain threshold (and) offering different versions of items as upsells.”

2. Compose and post holiday-themed content.

Never let the power of content marketing be lost on you. This very blog is a perfect example of what we’re talking about. We’re embarking on the time of year when people Google such words and phrases as “holiday shopping”, “best deals” and “online store”. Such words, quite obviously, appear in this blog. This blog appears not just on our website, but on our LinkedIn page as well. Produce holiday-themed content marketing and your business will gain more online attention.

“Content is the best way for your customers to find you — but this content won’t be your regularly scheduled kind,” writes Jacob Loveless on Forbes.com, “Opt for customized content instead. Shoppers are searching for holiday dress trends, gifts to buy loved ones, places to visit, etc. Customize your social media posts, graphics, videos and blog posts accordingly. Producing this type of content will likely take a few weeks, so now is the perfect time to start prepping.”

3. Offer free shipping.

There are few methods of gaining interest from online shoppers that are better than offering free shipping. To most online consumers, shipping costs are considered “extra” fees. Most shoppers look to avoid paying anything more than the costs of the items they purchase. If you can offer free shipping, it will help to set your online store apart from many of its competitors. Consider padding the prices of your items to help cover shipping so as to not add anything “extra”.

“If you can afford to offer fast and free shipping, do so,” advises Roney, “If you need to set a minimum, keep it as low as possible to ensure your customers don’t hesitate to check out. Most will be sensitive to shipping costs, so make weighing this decision easy.”

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