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3 More Ways To Grow Your Online Sales All Summer Long

In our last blog, we revisited the importance of promoting your online store. Even though the summer months are when people leave their homes to shop, don’t assume that people need to be home to shop online. Smartphones are the most popular devices used for online shopping. So, no matter how many in-store visitors you get this summer, it’s important to keep pushing your e-commerce business!

Here are three more ways to grow your online sales all summer long:

1. Create your own online holidays.

Amazon has Amazon Prime Day. It’s not just one day. On June 21st through to the 23rd, the hugely popular e-commerce company offers online shoppers significant savings. Cyber Monday is another creation to spawn online sales during the end-of-year holiday season. Why not create a holiday that is specific to your brand? Promote it as a day, weekend or week during the summer when your online store will offer consumers great deals on great products!

“Create a holiday that is relevant either to your products, your target audience, or how your target audience uses your products,” advises Strategy Driven Marketing, “Consider what sort of discounts you can offer to determine if you celebrate for a day, a weekend, or a full week. Create digital or actual signage that is persuasive and compelling enough to encourage immediate action from site or store visitors.”

2. Launch a summer contest.

There are few ideas that are more exciting than a giveaway. The prospect of getting something for free is enticing to just about every consumer out there. By launching a summer contest, you will generate many new visitors to your website. You will also be able to create a longer e-mailing list for your newsletters.

Encourage people to visit your site to enter their contact information. That is the simple way to go. You may also wish to get creative on your social media accounts. What about a contest that requests photos of people engaging in their favourite summer activities?

“Contests are a great way to generate brand awareness and increase interest in your online shopping site,” insists Sneha Joseph on, “Contests may produce new leads to market during the summertime. Season giveaways especially can attract more customers to your site, resulting in an increased conversion to sales.”

3. Present exclusive offerings.

Do you have certain items that customers can only purchase online? If not, you may want to consider creating bundle packages that join some of your most popular products together. Offer these packages exclusively on your website at discount prices. By creating this exclusivity, it will help to popularize your online store.

“Put together a collection of related items or seasonal collections of products,” suggests Strategy Driven Marketing, “Or, create buying guides that provide multiple collection options that site visitors might not have considered purchasing together. Feature these collections in your newsletter and in a special section on your website. Use persuasive calls to action to convince people to check things out more closely.”

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