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3 More Tips For Turning Live Events Into Sales Opportunities

In our last blog, we listed some steps business owners should take to sell their products at summer events. They included finding the right festivals, promoting the event on social media and setting up attractive product displays.

Here are three more tips for turning live events into sales opportunities:

1. Avoid pressurized sales pitches.

People go to outdoor summer events to have fun. Allow them to do just that! When people approach your booth, avoid trying to forcefully get them to buy anything. Greet them. Ask them how they’re enjoying the festival. Be friendly and inviting. Give them complete open space to peruse your goods as they please. On, Stephanie Vozza reminds us that many summer event sales come as a result of impulse buys.

“Set the stage by giving customers space to browse your products without feeling pressured,” she encourages, “Once someone starts touching the items on display or making eye contact, strike up a friendly conversation instead of jumping into a hard sell pitch. For example, ask if they’re looking for anything in particular, or simply comment on the day or mention something about the event itself.”

2. Design an eye-catching booth.

As a vendor at a summer event, you want to be sure to capture the attention of all walkers-by. Keeping in mind that there are many other vendors sharing a space with you, it’s vital that you find a way to stand out. Be sure to invest in easy-to-read signage that immediately alerts event visitors to the presence of your business. As well, says Jackie DeVore on, you should display your products in ways that encourage people to come and take a look.

“You also want to create an inviting display for your products,” she writes, “Make a sign for your business that will catch your customers’ attention. Lay out business cards so that people can take one as they walk by. If it’s an outdoor event in the summer time, considering getting a small promotional product that you can give away for free like a paper fan with your company name and website on it.”

3. Set yourself up for future success.

We all know that there’s no business like repeat business. One of your top objectives, at each event you attend, is to be able to create a space for your company at future events. That way, you can repeat your attendance, giving your brand greater opportunities to grow its customer base. Reach out to event organizers after the event to thank them for allowing you to set up shop. Request information about their next event and express your desire to be a part of it.

“If the event was successful, cultivate a relationship with the event organizers so they invite you back,” advises Vozza, “If possible, reserve your space for their next event before leaving. You might also want to build relationships with other vendors who might alert you to other festivals you would like.”

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