3 More Tips For Redesigning Your Online Store

Is your e-commerce site in need of sprucing up? It just might if you’re not getting the traffic or amount of sales you would like. In our last blog, we offered up some tips for getting your online store in tip-top shape. They included developing quicker loading times, including more product and lifestyle shots and making your website less text-heavy. In today’s blog, we will take a deeper look into how to redesign your online store.

Here are three tips:

1. Offer a seamless mobile experience.

Although this one should go without saying, it’s practically mandatory we mention it. It’s imperative that your e-commerce site can easily be viewed and navigated from mobile devices. Most consumers use their smartphones and tablets to do their online shopping. If your site isn’t conveniently accessible from such devices, it’s won’t lure customers back.

“Make sure to test your site on smartphones and tablets to ensure webpages expand and contract properly on different devices,” advises Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service, “A smaller screen means less space above the fold. Prioritize what you want your customers to see and do before having to scroll further.”

2. Create more internal links.

In many cases, online shops endure high bounce rates. We’re talking about how quickly a website visitor will leave a site after first logging on to it. Are you finding that your visitors aren’t sticking around? If so, one important measure to take is to include more internal links on your homepage. Make it extremely easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Post vivid photos that also serve as links to different product pages.

“Internal linking is another way to keep the visitor on your website for extended periods,” affirms SkillsYouNeed.com, “Plus, internal linking can also be great for your site’s SEO. You can add videos, which are one of the most interactive and engaging forms of content on your website.”

3. Keep a regularly-updated blog section.

Right out of the “practice what you preach” column is our advice to have a regularly-updated blog section. Your website’s blog is often the first go-to destination for proof that your site is keeping relevant. Posting new content on a regular basis doesn’t just showcase your company’s penchant for remaining current. It also helps to grow your site’s ability to receive high rankings in search engines.

“Blogs are an organic way to personify your brand and contextualize your product or service,” says Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service, “When planning content, think about your mission, vision, values and what your brand helps achieve. Writing and promoting blog posts through your social media channels will also increase your digital footprint and improve search engine optimization for your website.”

Do you allow your customers to make online purchases?

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