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3 More Tips For Making Your Eatery Thrive Again

As of yesterday, Ontario-based restaurants have been able to welcome customers without any restrictions. Capacity limits have been lifted and proof of COVID-19 vaccination is no longer required. Mask mandates, it should be noted, are still in effect.

In our last blog, we listed some effective ways restaurateurs could encourage customers to return to their establishments. They included revamping your website, beautifying the atmosphere and delivering coupons. Here are three more tips for making your eatery thrive again:

1. Properly price your restaurant menu.

Unquestionably, reasonably-priced menu items will get a lot of attention. It only makes sense for you to want to generate as much revenue as possible given the fact that you will be able to operate your restaurant on a restriction-free basis. However, don’t take advantage of your customers. As Smart Web Restaurant suggests, offer a menu that balances expensive items with more moderately priced ones.

“The cost of food items can fluctuate depending on the season, the cost of gas etc.,” says their website, “When prices change, there is little you can do short of changing your menu frequently. By balancing more expensive items that are more prone to price fluctuations with items that have more stable prices, you can help maintain your desired food cost. Balancing menu choices and pricing appropriately will allow you to turn a healthy profit will continuing to attract customers.”

2. Send out welcome back emails.

There is certainly no harm in reaching out to your customers directly. Especially in today’s internet-obsessed world, it only makes sense to connect with people online. Utilize your social media accounts to promote the fact that your restaurant has wonderful new menu items and affordable pricing. As well, send out email newsletters to your subscribers encouraging them to visit your establishment in the weeks to come.

“People may feel uncertain about what to expect as things open back up,” reminds Lexie Lu on, “One way to reassure them you’re taking the appropriate steps for safety, and let them know what to expect on their return, is with an email. Explain your policies for them, your cleaning procedures, and any methods in place to make their lives easier.”

3. Re-design your menu.

A lot has changed since the last time you were able to open your restaurant to full capacity. It only makes sense that your menu should have changed in that time. Even if you don’t have numerous new items to offer your customers, it’s a good idea to give your actual menu a new look. It’s also important to ensure that the menu is available for viewing online. Customers will appreciate this whether they are dining-in or taking out.

“Customers don’t really want to spend a long time reading the menu, they want to see a few very good options and place their order,” says Smart Web Restaurant, “Limit the menu items. Use an easy to read font and perhaps add some pictures. Are your menu selections briefly described so that they make a customer’s mouth water? They should be.”

Is your restaurant’s menu available online?

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