3 More Sizzling E-Commerce Marketing Ideas

The warm and wonderful summer is the perfect time of year to appeal to online shoppers. Yes, even though more people are leaving their homes, during the summer, they still love to surf the net for their shopping needs. In our last blog, we listed some ways you could have the hottest online store all summer long. We discussed creating summer shopping categories, appealing to bargain hunters and putting together product bundles.

Here are three more sizzling e-commerce marketing ideas:

1. Speak to the needs of vacationers.

Needless to say, the summertime is when most people plan their vacations. Speak to both your local community and those who may be visiting your neck of the woods. How can your products benefit those who plan on taking trips this summer? What do you have to offer to vacationers who have chosen your town as a destination? Namogoo.com refers to shoppers who look for vacation deals as “long weekenders”.

“They can also be customers shopping for the latest styles instead of last season’s, and preparing for home parties with family and friends,” explains the website, “Long weekenders often have a larger budget for spending, but would still want to get the most value out of their purchase.”

2. Spruce up your homepage design.

You obviously know all about the importance of first impressions. It’s vital that every visitor of your online shop is immediately aware of your company’s wish to improve their summers. How can you do that? Redesign your homepage so that it screams “summer is here!” Celebrate the season with bright and energetic imagery that makes clear your brand has much to offer throughout the season. An updated homepage design also showcases your brand’s penchant for staying current and fresh.

“Take full advantage of the homepage by showcasing the hottest summer trends, your best summer offers and summer campaigns,” advises Yaprak Eken on Segmentify.com, “And always remember to use summer-related colours and images to help shoppers get in that summer mood. Use your homepage design to invite people to explore the website further.”

3. Cater to inspired planners.

According to Namogoo.com, an inspired planner is a shopper that keeps Pinterest boards in preparation for his/her wardrobe or home during the summer. What special occasions take place throughout the summer? Can you say “wedding season”? Is there a way to market your goods and services in anticipation of the special events that people enjoy during this time of year?

As Namogoo.com points out, inspired planners “have wish lists so they know just what to look out for during the retail holiday. Inspired planners are more likely to purchase based on how close an item or experience is to their ideal, imagined buy. Afterward, these customers will look for available deals and pick whichever delivers the most valuable.”

Do you allow your customers to make online purchases?

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