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3 More Reasons To Let A Touch Screen Kiosk Take Your Orders

In our last blog, we revisited the benefits associated with installing a touch screen kiosk in your restaurant. We listed easier upselling, enhanced order accuracy and satisfying current customer needs as top benefits. But, as you can imagine, the advantages don’t stop there. Installing a touch screen kiosk to take orders from your customers gives your restaurant a competitive edge in many other ways.

Here are three more reasons to let a touch screen kiosk take your orders:

1. It tends to encourage larger orders.

If you’re looking to increase the average order size in your restaurant, a touch screen kiosk is for you. These great devices give customers visual encouragement. In other words, through vivid photos of your delicious offerings, a touch screen kiosk can alert people to special promotions, prompt the purchase of new menu items and remind customers of dessert options. Many restaurants have noticed they get larger orders after installing touch screen kiosks.

“In the case of McDonald’s, the chain found that customers spent about one dollar more per order when using a kiosk, resulting in a 30% increase in average check size,” reports Katherine Pendrill on, “McDonald’s also found that 20% of customers who didn’t initially order a drink would buy one when it was offered through the kiosk. And all that adds up to a lot more money in your pocket.”

2. It allows customers to build their own meals.

With a touch screen kiosk, customers are able to be very specific. The device can provide such options as selecting which ingredients to include or omit from an order. The entire ordering process enables clear cut specificity. According to Becky Krystal of The Washington Post, the ability to let customers build their own meals is why touch screen ordering has been especially popular with fast food restaurants.

Referring to a kiosk used by a restaurant that sells stir-fries, she writes that “unlike salads or burritos, where prepped ingredients can be gradually added down a line, stir-fries require the extra step of cooking in a wok. With a kiosk, customers choose everything in advance, which is then relayed to the kitchen.”

3. It decreases wait times for your customers.

Do you know anyone who likes waiting around? In many cases, the reason that people choose against visiting a certain restaurant is because of the long wait times it is known for. No one enjoys waiting in line. A touch screen kiosk all but eliminates the traditional long line up. It is known for its penchant to speed up the ordering process.

“A study by Tillster found that if the line to order from a cashier is longer than 5 people, 75% of customers would choose to order from a self-service kiosk,” reveals Pendrill, “And if the line is 10 people long? A whopping 91% says they would rather order from a restaurant kiosk.”

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