3 More Reasons To Go Wireless In The Workplace

Do you know anyone who doesn’t use a wireless device? We don’t either! In our last blog, we tackled the concept of wireless technology in the workplace and explored its many benefits. Among them was the ability it gives people to work remotely, the free Wi-Fi it gives customers and the improvement of diagnostics in the workplace.

There are, of course, many other reasons to go wireless in the workplace. Here are three more:

1. It improves teamwork.

Naturally, wireless technology allows people to easily work from home. However, even when in the traditional office setting, a wireless system enables workers to collaborate in any part of the facility that is convenient. No one needs to be tied down to their desks. Computers and telephones are no longer stuck-into-the-wall devices that require people to remain in their seats all day. This fosters greater opportunities for teamwork.

“Wireless network allows access to all applications and documents on your network from anywhere inside the building within the range of the wireless network signal,” affirms Steven Scheck of Small Business Trends, “Employees can collaborate and share information with team members easily. A wireless network also provides improved access to information from the servers. It also enables quick updates from anywhere inside the premises.”

2. It provides you with real-time data.

Wireless technology has enabled businesses to collect information immediately. E-commerce transactions, for example, are often conducted and enjoyed over Wi-Fi. Consumers can make direct purchases from company websites from anywhere in the world on their mobile devices. But, in addition, e-commerce businesses receive their payments right away. This allows for better cash flow and immeasurable convenience.

“Wireless gives you the ability to easily access real-time data or data delivered immediately after collection,” reports Jeff Lund for the Chicago Business Journal, “This is especially helpful in industrial applications that need data faster than ever before for applications, like quality control or employee safety.”

3. It helps to improve customer service.

Scheck reveals that 84 percent of customers get frustrated when customer service agents don’t readily have information regarding their queries. He goes on to note that 13 percent of those frustrated customers tell 15 or more people about their bad experiences with a business. Word of mouth promotion has the ability to make or break a company’s reputation. Using a wireless network, a business can ensure that information is readily available to its employees.

“Such lightning-fast access to data allows the customer service team to respond to clients’ requirements quickly,” explains Scheck, “Therefore, regardless of where the employee is within the wireless network’s reach, a properly working wireless network will always connect him/her to the data s/he needs to make the customer experience satisfactory.”

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