3 More Great Ways To Celebrate The New Year At Your Restaurant

We only have a couple of days left in 2022! In our last blog, we discussed how restaurateurs could set up their eateries for great New Year’s parties. In today’s blog, we’ll offer up three more ways to celebrate the new year at your restaurant:

1. Hire a fortune teller.

This sounds like a crazy suggestion, doesn’t it? But just think about the uniqueness such an element will bring to your New Year’s party. Most people make New Year’s Resolutions, hoping to make things better for themselves with the changing of the calendar. A fortune teller offers your guests the opportunity to get a sneak peek into their futures. Of course, most will see this as entertainment only. But isn’t entertaining the whole point of a party?

“As one of your New Year’s Eve party ideas, hire a local fortune teller to read palms, decipher tea leaves, or look into a crystal ball to tell your guests’ future,” suggests, “Even in this day and age of ever-present spoiler alerts, everyone wants to know what they can expect for the year to come. And having New Year’s Eve party ideas that cater to it is a fun way to attract more guests to your event.”

2. Establish a specific party theme.

Not every New Year’s Eve celebration is created equal. Set your party apart by implementing a specific theme. Depending on your establishment, you may wish to go the black tie formal route. As recommends, you can dress up your restaurant with opulent decorations like glittering gold garland, streamers, table linens and fine dinnerware.

The website also suggests a “time warp” theme. “Set up décor in various sections of your restaurant or bar that are themed to different past decades or eras,” it encourages, “You can have a 1920s area, a 40s section, a 70s section and others. Push your creativity even further by serving entrees and cocktails that were popular in those decades.”

3. Market the music.

Surely, good food and drinks should be a highlight of your restaurant’s New Year’s party. But what’s a party without music? Hire a reputable DJ who can keep the atmosphere fun and lively. Alternatively, you may wish to book some live entertainment. Get in touch with a local band, singer or rapper who can ensure that your restaurant hosts one of the best New Year’s parties in town!

“You have the decor. You have the theme. Now it’s time to get your New Year’s Eve party ideas popping with some tunes,” says, “The music makes the atmosphere, so choose what’s appropriate for your party: a string quartet for a more glamorous affair, a live band to cover the decade’s greatest hits, or dance the night away with a DJ spinning the latest club music.”

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