3 More E-Commerce Marketing Tips That Create Happy Holidays

Cyber Monday may have come and gone. But the busy online shopping season is still at a fever pitch! All throughout December, online shoppers will be looking for the best deals. Is your online shop one that they will find alluring? In our last blog, we listed some ways e-retailers could boost online sales well after Cyber Monday.

Here are three more e-commerce marketing tips that create happy holidays:

1. Post testimonials all over your site.

There’s a reason that Amazon allows for customer reviews on their product pages. Simply put, consumers trust them. When reading the words of other customers, shoppers gain greater insight into the products they’re interested in. If you want to make a good impression on your site’s visitors, post testimonials from the customers who love you the most. As we’ve often heralded, there is nothing quite like word of mouth promotion.

“Power up your trust signals with testimonials,” insists Erin Rodrigue on HubSpot.com, “Unlike reviews, these typically involve broader statements about your brand rather than a specific product. We recommend reaching out to customers from your email list, since this is where your most loyal customers live. Then, display the testimonials in multiple spots — and on multiple pages — of your website to get the most mileage.”

2. Speak to the needs of young folks.

Make no mistake that the majority of your online shop’s visitors will be members of our younger generations. Millennials and Gen Z individuals regularly go online to go shopping. Does your online store speak to their needs? Are you promoting your site on social media? Do you offer what they’re looking for? As Snapchat.com points out, millennials represent our largest generation in history.

They are “known for their impulsive spending habits, especially when compared to generations that have preceded them,” informs the website, “Gen Z also plays a significant role during the holiday season with a huge impact on household spend. Together, millennials and Gen Z have over $4 trillion in direct global spending power. This presents a compelling business opportunity for all businesses, particularly when considering where to spend ad dollars this holiday season.”

3. Send out reminders about abandoned carts.

An e-retailer’s biggest nightmare is a long line up of abandoned carts. It shows that an online shop may attract visitors but is doing something to prevent the completion of the purchase process. Reach out to your almost-customers by reminding them about finishing up their purchases. Inquire about whether or not they have encountered any issues that you may be able to resolve.

“Shopping cart abandonment is a frustrating reality for e-commerce owners,” understands Rodrique, “While not everyone who visits your site is ready to convert, it’s essential to engage them anyway. Sometimes users just need a little nudge to return to their cart either through remarketing or a quick email reminder.”

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