3 More Cool Fundraising Ideas For The Fall Season

Fall starts tomorrow! On behalf of the Unity Payments team, we sincerely hope you enjoy the last official day of summer. We also hope that you’re able to turn the autumn season into a very successful one for your brand. In our last blog, we listed some ways you could set up a successful autumn fundraiser. They included throwing a pie sampling party, organizing a bonfire night and hosting a second chance homecoming dance.

Here are three more cool fundraising ideas for the fall season:

1. Set up a haunted house.

Arguably, Halloween is the most beloved day of the fall. It’s practically an absolute must for business owners to take advantage of the spooky celebration. By decorating a house (or your place of business), you can sell tickets to the public and provide them with some fun scares. Be sure to promote the fact that your proceeds will be going to a charitable organization.

“If you’re unsure of where to start with decorations, try having volunteers dress up as zombies and scare visitors,” recommends Tatiana Morand for OneCause, “You can even opt for an escape room-like option, where your guests have to figure out how to get out before time runs out. For extra points, pick a location with an urban legend around it — local spooky spots have never been so useful!”

2. Organize a walk or bike-a-thon.

Many people absolutely relish taking walks amid colourful fall foliage. Organize an autumn walk or bike-a-thon and get people both exercising and enjoying nature at the same time. Of course, requesting entry fees and/or donations to participate will help to make your fundraising initiative a successful one.

“Those who sign up for the event can fundraise on your nonprofit’s behalf by seeking a donation amount for every mile walked — or biked,” explains Stephanie Lica of Constant Contact, “Many will be eager to join fundraising teams that compete against one another to raise the most money. Give them all the tools they need to attract attention from their family members, friends, and acquaintances.”

3. Host a pumpkin carving contest.

As soon as the fall season starts, most people begin preparing for both Thanksgiving and Halloween. Both annual occasions make heavy use of pumpkins. As a result, the pumpkin is a well-known fall image. How fun would it be to host a pumpkin carving contest in anticipation of Halloween? According to Morand, this fundraising idea is one of the easier ones to carry out, as all you need are pumpkins and carving supplies.

“Get the community together at a local market (a great partner for this kind of event) and make a day of pumpkin-themed events,” she suggests, “Charge an entry fee to the contest and award a prize to the best-looking pumpkin — voted on by the participants themselves, or other community members who are there to check out the market.”

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