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3 More Benefits Of Opening Up A Food Truck This Summer

Last week, we excitedly blogged about the quickly-approaching summer season and why restaurateurs should open food trucks during that time. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty excited about summer, here at Unity Payments. We just love warmth and sunshine. As a restaurant owner, you should do! The warm and sunny season is the perfect time of year to expand your business via a food truck.

Here are three more benefits of opening up a food truck this summer:

1. It requires the work of fewer employees.

Naturally, one of the main things you need to think about, as a business owner, is payroll. How many staff members will you need to operate your food truck? Not many. Between a driver (yourself?) who can double as a chef and an assistant to help with orders and customer service, you can likely get away with a minimum of two. This significantly eases the burden on your payroll.

“With most business opportunities and restaurants, you’ll have to hire, train, and manage a full staff,” points out Prestige Food Trucks, “This can be a huge drain on your time, and it can make it difficult to catch employee mistakes. However, a small team is easier to train. You can spend more time with them, and the time you’ll need to manage them is much less than it would be with a full staff.”

2. It will help you grow your fan base.

Visibility is everything. With a food truck, you get to be where the people are. Naturally, you don’t have to wait around for patrons to visit your restaurant. Set up at beaches, parks and campgrounds. Visit concerts, sporting events and trade shows. Wherever large gatherings are taking place this summer is where you should get your food truck to. Not only will you maximize sales, you’ll impress a throng of new fans who otherwise may never have heard of your eatery.

“Targeting music festivals, community events, and art shows (a few of many great locations for food trucks) is a great way to increase exposure of your business and be where your customers are,” explains Venture Food Trucks.

3. It helps you to grow customer relationships.

What happens when you travel from place to place instead of going to the same location every day? You meet people! Your food truck will give you the ability to greatly improve your customer relationships. Not only will you meet more people, but you’ll have the opportunity to interact with them in greater capacities.

“Food trucks create a casual, interactive experience,” Prestige Food Trucks reminds us, “This lets you connect with customers directly, rather than having them interact with a server only. This (in addition to your mouthwatering food) can help you convert customers into true fans, prompting them to recommend you to friends.”

At Unity Payments, we offer food truck owners the ability to easily accept credit cards and debit cards with our Virtual Terminals. With this service, you can turn your mobile device into a credit card terminal and start taking payments anytime, anywhere! It allows you to process payments in-person, online or on the go. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at