3 Midsummer E-Commerce Marketing Solutions

We’re approximately halfway through our summer. This isn’t a message to get you down. It’s actually a reminder that there is plenty of summertime left! It’s also an incentive for you to step things up so that you can ensure a particularly successful summer season for your business. Remember that, even though the warm and sunny weather brings people outdoors, the majority of consumers continue to enjoy online shopping.

What can you do to incentivize your customers to shop in your online store? Here are three midsummer e-commerce marketing solutions:

1. Offer discount codes.

No matter the time of year, you would be hard pressed to find a consumer who isn’t intrigued by the prospect of receiving a discount. Everyone is in the business of saving money and locating worthwhile bargains. Offer discount codes to visitors of your website. Provide them in your email newsletters and on your social media accounts. They will not only inspire an increased number of visits to your site, they will encourage a greater number of purchases as well.

“Another popular e-commerce incentive can be to create an exclusive discount code,” notes Springbot.com, “Many e-commerce companies opt to provide new email subscribers with a promotional discount as a way of saying thank you. Sending free gifts or discounts to email subscribers on their birthday is another useful incentive.”

2. Launch an email marketing campaign.

Email remains a very popular way to both communicate with others and market a business. Don’t deny it this summer. Set up email newsletters and be sure to send them out on a weekly basis. Remind your subscribers of your latest sales, newest items and upcoming promotions. ContactPigeon.com offers up the following way to run a summer email marketing campaign for your VIPs.

“Via email, offer them a coupon for a free product, a discount, or a price cut to add more products to their next existing order,” advises the website, “Maybe you can do this for a week straight, offering discounts on five different categories for each day of the work week.”

3. Partner up with another business.

Is summer generally your slow season? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Perhaps this is the perfect time to partner up with another business in order to help both brands grow their online sales. As long as the partner isn’t a direct competitor, it’s wise to offer such mutual deals as free advertising on each other’s websites. It’s the whole “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” routine. It’s a win-win for all involved!

“Reach out to your industry comrades!” insists ContactPigeon.com, “Summer is a quieter time of year for online retailers and the best period of the year for some experimentation. So use this time to reach out to non-competing partners to toss some ideas around, and see if there are opportunities for a mutually beneficial business partnership.”

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