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3 Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Online Sales This Spring

With spring now in full swing, it’s important for merchants to prepare for one thing (pardon the rhyming): marketing their online stores. Yes, this is the season when more people leave their homes for the wonders of the outdoors. However, the unfortunate current state of our lives – known as the pandemic – will be keeping a lot of shoppers away from physical store locations this spring.

This past week, the province of Ontario entered into yet another lockdown. This is forcing small business owners to focus on their online stores. Here are three marketing ideas to boost your online sales this spring:

1. Make it cheaper to shop on your website.

Most online shoppers don’t just select the internet as their virtual shopping malls because of convenience. They also look for bargains. If it’s cheaper to shop on your site than on others, chances are you will boost your sales. Remember that we’re all stuck in the same predicament. The majority of retailers are pushing e-commerce at the moment. It’s important to show your site’s visitors that they can save money by supporting your brand over others.

“Nearly every e-commerce platform gives you the option to hold sales using a promotional code, so make sure you’re scheduling in your offers, deals and sales for key times in the year,” advises Stacey Brazen of Brazen Profit Lab, “But remember, when you use this strategy as a tool to promote your online store it’s of critical importance that you’re aware of your numbers.”

2. Target your audience via social media.

Hopping on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is always a wise choice. With so many users on each of these platforms every day, you can capture the attention of many new eyes. However, it’s not enough to simply post about the deals and discounts your online store is offering. Targeting your audience involves using worthwhile hashtags and utilizing social media targeting capabilities.

“Let’s say you sell wedding dresses,” Margot Whitney offers as an example on WordStream.com, “You have a pretty clear idea of who your target audience is based on your product and the prices of your dresses so you decide to configure a campaign. You start off my targeting women, who make up 99.9% of your customer base. Then you set up the age ranges between 24 and 40 years old, since the style of your dresses cater most to this age range.”

3. Regularly update your blog.

If you haven’t started a blog for your website, there’s no time to waste in getting one underway. A blog enables you to regularly update your site with new content. Google searches look favourably upon this. To get your online store to rank higher in more searches, be sure to post articles containing useful information that is relevant in your industry. The Unity Payments Blog is updated at least three times a week. So yes, we practice what we preach!

“Commit to publishing a new blog at least once per week,” encourages Brazen, “Once your post is live, make sure you reschedule it to be shared at least 3-6 more times on your most popular social channels over the next four weeks.”

Is your company in need of a safe and secure e-commerce solution? Unity Payments can help you take advantage of this ever-growing trend. We’ve made selling online easier than ever! Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at info@unitypayments.ca to learn more.