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3 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas To Boost Online Sales

With two weeks to go until Christmas Day, people who are still shopping for gifts aren’t exactly doing so “last minute”. However, if they plan on making those purchases online, they are cutting it a bit close. Of course, online purchases must be delivered. The hope that online shoppers have, naturally, is that their purchases will arrive before the 25th.

Is your online store meeting the demands of its almost-last-minute shoppers? Here are three last minute holiday marketing ideas to boost your online sales:

1. Go live on Facebook or Instagram.

By now, you should be well aware of the power of advertising on social media. With millions of users using such platforms as Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis, it only makes sense to ensure that you have a strong presence on both. Instead of just posting photos and videos, utilize the “Live” features of each platform. A live stream can generate a lot of new buzz for your brand and its online shop.

“Filming a selfie-style video or informal chat doesn’t need much prep,” points out Stephanie Knapp of Hearst Bay Area, “You also won’t need to ask the design team to help you with graphics. Especially this year when so many people around the globe have limited their in-person social interactions, marketers and customers are already in the habit of turning to live stream to connect with each other.”

2. Create mobile ads.

It’s important to remember that a huge portion of online shopping is done on mobile devices. As you’re surely aware, making purchases, these days, is as easy as pulling out a smartphone and clicking on a few buttons. To help those buttons to be the ones connecting mobile device users to your online store, it’s wise to invest in some mobile ads. As Jolene Campbell of West Press explains, mobile ads are good ways to reach consumers whether they’re shopping online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

“However, you’ll need to be smart if you hope to capture their attention during this busy gift-giving season,” she warns, “Consider using mobile ads to promote a sale or special offer. Also, don’t overlook the value of email marketing. To entice shoppers using their mobile devices, use larger text and images as well as feature buttons instead of small links.”

3. Provide customer service via social media.

Earlier, we revisited the concept of social media marketing. To reiterate, engaging with consumers via social media is one of today’s top ways to generate greater interest in your brand. And as always, providing excellent customer service is incredibly important for your brand image. Combine the two approaches by replying to people who post comments and questions concerning your industry on social media.

“Task a team member with replying to any comments on your social media posts,” advises Knapp, “Or you can see what customers are saying about you (or your competitors, or your niche) to inspire future campaigns. Particularly with a larger brand, it’s nice to have one-on-one communication with customers.”

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