3 Fun Summer Fundraising Campaign Strategies

With the summertime in full swing, many Canadians are enjoying the great outdoors like never before. Especially with the past two summers being hampered by COVID-19, the summer of 2022 is bound to be one for the ages. With pandemic restrictions having been lifted, your business now has the opportunity to welcome customers in numbers that far exceed those of the past two years. But what can you do to ensure a boost in business?

The summer is a wonderful time of year to host a fundraiser. Here are three fun summer fundraising campaign strategies:

1. Throw a pool party.

Is a summer event complete without a dip in the pool? Consider partnering up with a local community centre to offer swimming as an activity at your fundraiser event. Be sure, of course, that all young swimmers are accompanied by adults. You’ll need to invest in lifeguards too. Planned right, your pool party will be a fun experience that will help your brand to raise both awareness and money.

“Whether you partner with a local YMCA, hotel, or cause champion, a casual pool party can be a great summer fundraising idea that gathers your supporters,” says Toronto’s C Group, which is a design agency for non-profits, “Charge for entry and plan a fun event for your guests. For example, you might arrange a pool volleyball tournament and partner with your venue or a local business to offer a prize to the winning team.”

2. Host a barbeque.

The summer and the savoury smell of barbeque go hand in hand. Food-related events always attract a large number of visitors. During the summertime, icy cold treats are especially adored. You may want host a fundraiser that involves the offering of barbequed food items along with ice cream, slushies and popsicles. Of course, there’s no end to the list of foods you can offer in an effort to raise funds.

On, Erin Booker reminds us of National Waffle Day, which is August 24th. “We’re always looking for more excuses to eat breakfast foods, so National Waffle Day is one of our not-so-secret-faves,” she writes, “Your nonprofit could host a waffle bar fundraiser that lets supporters indulge in a favourite food while raising money for a cause they love.” 

3. Have a summer field day.

Set up activities for kids in the park. By hosting games and contests, you’ll both attract community members and help everyone to engage in a good time. Hosting such a fundraising event will endear you to the public. By associating your brand’s name to a kid-friendly, summertime event, you’ll not just support an important cause. You will also garner your company and good reputation for years to come.

“Parents will be thrilled for the chance to tire their kids out at a good old-fashioned field day this summer,” says C Group, “Ask for a minimum donation and be sure to host classic events like a wheelbarrow race, sack race, three-legged race, egg-and-spoon race, water balloon toss, and games of capture the flag, and tug-of-war.”

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