3 Big Benefits Of Ordering Food Online Instead Of The Phone

Needless to say, the past 14 months have been among the hardest we’ve ever had to face. However, in the face of adversity, our society has come up with many new ways to interact with each other and conduct business. Thanks to the pandemic, video calls are now among the most popular ways of communicating. As well, ordering products and services online is now all the rage.

This is especially true in the restaurant industry. People are using the internet to place orders more than ever these days. And customers are realizing just how beneficial it is to order food online instead of over the phone.

Here are three big benefits:

1. Much fewer mistakes are made.

When you place a food order over the phone, there is always the possibility that something can get lost in translation. Something as simple as “no cheese” can be misheard as “more cheese”. You can just imagine how detrimental such a mistake can be to a lactose-intolerant customer. When food orders are placed online, customers are able to clearly specify their choices and receive visual confirmations that the right orders have been placed. This works wonders in the world of customer satisfaction.

“Let’s say an order comes in on the phone,” poses, “The employee is juggling several phone lines and mistakenly orders the wrong menu items, forgets to order an item, or packs it incorrectly. When the order is picked up or delivered, the mistake is identified, causing frustration for the customer and initiating a chain of events necessary to correct the error. These activities take time and effort. The customer is unhappy, and you may lose their future business.”

2. People can order at their own paces.

How often have you called up a restaurant to ask about their specials? After hearing them, you contemplate your choices. This takes time and can lead to frustration on the parts of both the employee and the customer. One is thinking “any day now…” while the other is wondering what to eat. By ordering food online, there is no need for any rush. Customers can comfortably take their time to skip through the various meal options and make their choices whenever they’re ready. The whole process is a lot more relaxed.

“The best solution is to create a website with an online ordering system that enables your customers to browse your menu on their smartphone, tablet, or computer,” says, “This allows your customers to take their time to read your menu without feeling rushed. They can share your menu, discuss it with their colleagues and friends, and decide what to order all at the palm of their hands.”

3. Customers get to see what they’re ordering.

What’s better – to imagine what a meal looks like or to see it for yourself? Quite obviously, the vivid photos found on most restaurant websites are excellent ways to entice taste buds. Allowing customers to order online means that you’re giving them much clearer examples of what you have to offer. This makes buying decisions so much easier for your hungry patrons.

Can your customers order food from your website? You’re not just relying on third-party food delivery apps to allow your customers to order food from your restaurant, are you? Contact Unity Payments and quickly set up your own online ordering system for your restaurant! To get started, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at